Wednesday, 4 July 2012


The amazing writer and illustrator Shaun Tan was recently in Bendigo and although I missed seeing him I know a few our amazing library staff were there to get the low down on how he creates his beautiful and touching books to inspire us all.

You'll no doubt have heard or seen his amazing book 'The Arrival' which for a book with NO WORDS is very touching indeed.

He is now an Oscar winner for his recent short film 'The Lost Thing'. He is very talented and I'm sure you will love to click on the links below to get an insight into how he starts he's creations from scratch, develops his unique style of illustrations and his influences.  Enjoy!

Interviews with Shaun Tan

David Miller on paper sculpture

David Miller talks about how he uses PAPER SCULPTURES to create illustrations you have to watch the link to really apprecite how talented he is and how this avenue of creativity could be something that may suit your abilities.

Watch the video to be amazed

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