To find out more about CREATIVE COMMONS and the different licenses that allow you to copy, share, use information from the Internet (photos, music, videos etc.) watch the video below.

Mayer and Bettle explain what Creative Commons is and how it works. The video is by Blackbrow, with animation Pete Foley and with sound and music by Chris Perren. The project was co-ordinated by Elliott Bledsoe, from Creative Commons Australia at QUT.

This is a great site full of links where you can find creative common licenses to music, photos, videos and much, much more. Don't forget to check which license it has by following the symbols to see if they are free to use. Enjoy!

Click HERE for another great site explaining in Creative Commons and the symbols and how to attribute them into your assignments.

The following cartoon may also help you to understand Creative Commons. It was created by Karlisson Bezzera (Brazil), who goes under the name of Nerdson.
  FLICKER CREATIVE COMMONSThis site offers images with attribution details meaning we can easily see how to appropriately use and reference images. Many Flickr users have chosen to offer their work under a Creative Commons license, and you can browse or search through content under each type of creative commons   PLAGIARISM - WE ALL NEED TO KNOW MOREHere are some fantastic tutorials to work through that will help you with research and plagiarism etc. Some take 10 mins to complete but they are fun to do and give the correct answer if you're not too sure. They have been designed for a University but the basic concepts are the same. Remember you can always ask one of our friendly library staff to assist you with your research and help you to save time. Hope you enjoy them!
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Sources for Courses  Lots more videos available from the following site:  Published by: Vaughan Memorial Library, Acadia University
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